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Bubblesbid is an early stage startup with the vision to innovate and develop a Social Commerce platform to support and sustain the local businesses and connect people together.


About Bubblesbid

Bubblesbid born with the vision to innovate and develop a Social Commerce platform to support and sustain the local businesses.

Bubblesbid will allows their users to search outstanding offers from local businesses around the area where the customer lives and be connected with their favorites stores and friends.

The vision of the company is to sustain and promote the local businesses and help to provide an easy to use technological platform in order to promoting their products and services.

Do you know that by 2021 the global social commerce market will increase by about 34%? Moreover, some researchers forecast that e-sales will exceed $735 billion by 2023.

In this global scenario, every day, many buyers are looking and believe in referrals, recommendations, testimonials and influencers. Social connections are a part of our daily life.

If you're looking to give an additional innovative channel to your business in order to be more accessible and visible, we'd like to invite you to Pre Register.

Based in the north of Italy, we're building the first release and we're preparing to say "welcome!" to our first early adopters users with the idea to works together in order to improve the platform before the launch. Everything with the right ethic: people and local sustaineability at the center.


StartUp In Evolution

Started in 2020, Bubblesbid wants to operate as a Social Commercial site, providing a new era of digital shopping online.

We're constantly under research and development of our commercial cloud platform to be ready as your perfect partner online.

We are at the beginning of our journey and we are open to discuss business partnerships and beyond, putting our domain and technological skills at your service.

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We're looking for interested vendors partners in order to proceed with the implementation and evolution of the platform. Be the first one to start to collaborate with us and contribute to improve the platform.

Main Features

There are several aspects that are composing our SaaS Cloud Platform:


Social Commerce Platform

Bubblesbid offers an environment with several social functionalities that engage customers to communicate and connect them together. Shopping cart and pre-order support are ready to use.


Content Management Capabilities

Manage your catalog online and publish directly products and deals in a few clicks. Enrich your product description with photos and videos. Create coupons campaign online easily.


Promotions, Discounts, Analytics and Reporting

Monitor your campaigns directly online. Evaluate the traffic and the public reached. Direct visualization of statistics and revenue generated from the coupon's campaings.


SaaS & Cloud Computing Platform

Highly scalable and secure, based on a reliable Cloud computing located in Germany, Bubblesbid is using the best of bread technologies to be your affordable partner.


Customer Engagement

Increase the customer engagement of your business thanks to this new additional channel at low costs. Engage and inspire your clients with new purchase dynamics.



Increase the communications between you and your customers thanks to a specific internal chat and messaging systems.

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Collaborate with us and contribute to develop and improve the platform as an early adopter.

1. Create your store profile

    Create your store profile

    Easy fews steps to create your online business account.

    Provides the basic details regarding your activity.

    Increase your interactions with new customers in your local area and be followed.

2. Publish your best products

    Publish your best products

    Published online your best local products and deals.

    The platform will help you to create directly from your store’s catalog deals online.

    Define your promotions from validity time, percentage cut-off, and price; limit volumes sold for your coupons.

3. Receive reviews, messages and orders

    Receive reviews, messages and orders

    Bubblesbid allow you to be evaluated using standard reviews from the users.

    Reply to a customer related a specific review helping and engaging more customers.

    Help the customers on specific popular questions, share your expertise.

    Enable the possibility to receive online orders.

4. Monitor your campaigns with simple metrics

    Monitor your campaigns online with metrics and dashboards

    Controls the available social metrics.

    Measure the obtained results on deals and revenues in real-time.

5. Increase your online presence and grow your customer base

    Increase your online presence and grow your customer base

    Be locally searcheable thanks to the internal search engine.

    Alerts the customer for new products and deals.

    Partecipate to the possibilities to be included in specific dedicated commercial newsletters.

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There are also other features and integrations possibilities that we are working on.

Integrate Existing Data from Your E-Commerce

If you already have your e-commerce solution, for example PrestaShop or Shopify, importing your products into our platform will be fast and easy.

Your catalog can be incorporated in Bubblesbid to be used for future promotions from our e-commerce.

Facebook ready: integrate your existing Facebook’s store

If you already have a Facebook store you will be able to integrate existing Facebook data feeds that you already use to our Bubblesbid platform.

Advanced Customer Notifications and Alerts for E-Commerce

Inform your customers when the product they were interested in is available.

Encourage customers to return to visit your store by alerting them when a new offer has been published.

Help and support

Customer centered, we're here to help and assist you for questions and inquiries.

Contact us directly on the website for questions or feedbacks. We will be happy to reply to you.

Covid-19 Pandemic

We never thought to publish this section but this happened.
In this particular period being online and being reachable is more important than ever. The pandemic has started to change the world and the customers’ habits that are now more than ever, focused on technology in order to be safe.
Being online is important and we are here to support you.
Bubblesbid is studied in a way that your product and services will be more accessible and visible, and allows you to communicate to your customers freely.